The Lectors’ Association

The popular misconception is that being a lay reader, better known as a lector, is just reading from the lectionary. However, reading from the lectionary is more than just a part of the liturgy. It is proclaiming that which makes it truly the liturgy of the word.
The Loyola Jesuit College’s Lectors’ Association was established to help the congregation of the institution learn the word of God as proclaimed by their peers. However, it is not only the congregation that learns valuable lessons from the word of God.
Having been a lector for the past three years, I have not only understood the way in which a true Lector should proclaim but also the way in which the word of God has helped to build the lives of many (including lectors).
Thus far, the Lectors’ Association is still going strong in pursuing its mission and upholding the word of God and I can only hope that for as long as forever, the Lectors’ Association remains the ray of light it is during mass and the lectors remain the ray of hope they are around the college.
Chekwube, OKUNOWO. Class of 2020