Special Masses

Although the celebration of Holy Mass is a daily event of the College, the celebration varies in intensity and elaboration. To be sure, some events of the College are marked by very colourful liturgical celebration which highlights their importance in the life of the College. Moreover, to help foster group membership and collaboration among individuals of some groups within the College, the Chaplaincy leads them in the celebration of the Holy Mass. Events of the College that enjoy intense and elaborate liturgical celebration, and group Masses obtainable in the College are follows:

The Mass of Welcome is celebrated on the eve of the resumption of classes following the return of our students to the Den at the beginning of each term.

The Mass affords students the opportunity to express profound gratitude to God for their holiday experiences and for their safe return to school. As the first Mass of the term, students’ participation in the liturgy is usually electrifying.

Since students in a given class study and play together, the chaplaincy provides them with the opportunity to pray together as a unique group through the Class Mass.

As part of their prayer, students during Class Mass reflect on their personal journeys through the lens of faith recognizing and appreciating the accompaniment of God in their lived experiences. As an exercise in reflection, faith sharing during Class Mass helps students to cultivate and develop the practice of reflection fostered by Jesuit Education.Read More

Each faculty and department of the College is scheduled for a Mass each year at the Jesuit Residence Chapel. This affords members of staff of the College the opportunity to pray together and share their experiences of accompanying the children whom they instruct, mentor, and teach. Following the celebration of Mass, members of staff are treated to dinner by the Jesuits to strengthen and deepen their collaborative efforts in the service of God and others.

The Mass of the Holy Spirit is a tradition among Jesuit academic institutions dating to 1548 in which the community gathers to thank God for the gifts of creation and salvation and to seek the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit in the coming year.

The Mass marks the official beginning of the academic year and takes place either in the last week of September or first week of October.  A special feature of the Mass of the Holy Spirit at LJC is the Induction of the newest members of the College Community, our JSS 1 students. The Induction ceremony brings to an end their weeks of orientation and upgrades their status from “Cubs” to “Pride.” Another feature of the Mass of the Holy Spirit at LJC is the celebration of students who distinguished themselves academically in the previous academic year.

The principal celebrant of the Mass of the Holy Spirit is the President of the College. However, he may choose to delegate this responsibility to another as he deems wise.Read More

Founding Day Mass is celebrated annually on October 2, the official opening day of the College, in thanksgiving to God for those who founded the College and for the College’s benefactors and benefactresses whose generosity and hard work, have and continue to build it up for the greater glory of God and for the common good.

St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, repeatedly reminds us in his letters and in the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus that we should be mindful of our benefactors – those who, by their generosity, make our work possible. To them we owe a debt of gratitude which should be solemnly recalled each year.

The Solemnity of All Saints, celebrated in the Catholic Church on November 1, is a celebration in honour of all those, known and unknown, who have attained the beatific vision in Heaven (the “Church Triumphant.”) It is a great festival that prefigures the end that awaits all who lead life of holiness after the example of Christ and at His command.

Like all Jesuit schools whose core is the person of Christ, the holistic formation of our students is designed to make them saints. Consequently, All Saint’s Day is a grand celebration at the College. To give the celebration the importance that it deserves, November 1 is a Class free day in the Den.

In preparations for the great celebration of All Saints, each of the Four Houses of the College: Connelly, Loyola, Regis and Xavier is tasked with animating one of the four Sunday Masses that precede the Solemnity. The animation of the four Sunday Masses leading to November 1, offers members of the respective Houses the opportunity to demonstrate their appreciation for the different parts of the Mass, among them, dancing, reading, serving, and singing.

On the Occasion of the anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence, that is, October 1, the College community celebrates a Mass of Thanksgiving to God for our nation and her people praying for a better Nigeria which every Nigerian would be proud of; a Nigeria where, as we sing the second stanza of our National Anthem, where peace and justice shall reign.

In keeping with the practice of the Catholic Church in Nigeria, the Independence Day Mass is a Solemnity in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the principal Patroness of Nigeria. At LJC, Independence Day Mass is a colourful celebration as students adorn different traditional dress and attire; a reflection of the diversity of Nigeria.

On the last Sunday of every liturgical year, that is, the Thirty-Fourth Sunday, the Catholic Church worldwide celebrates the Kingship of Christ. This Solemnity affords Catholics and other Christians the opportunity to acclaim Jesus Christ as the King of the Universe and invite Him to reign supreme in their lives and in the life of the world.

In keeping with the directive of the Catholic Bishops of Nigeria, the celebration which occurs in the last week of November is accompanied by the Corpus Christi procession. At LJC, the joyful procession begins after Mass in the Chapel of the Good Samaritan and ends with a Benediction on the School field.Read More

As the ultimate prayer of thanksgiving in the Catholic tradition, the graduation ceremony at LJC begins with the celebration of the Holy Mass, commonly known as Graduation Mass. The Mass celebrates the achievements and accomplishments of the graduating students and praises God for His fidelity towards them.

The Mass of Graduation is the last liturgical celebration which students attend as members of the College Community. The celebration underscores the centrality of the Holy Mass, in the life of the College and offers every Pride the opportunity to express profound gratitude to God, the source of all we have and are.