A retreat is a spiritual activity that allows individuals time for prayerful introspection either in solitude or in the company of others. Before graduating from the College, our students undergo two retreats: (1) The Kairos Retreat. (2) The Graduation Retreat. Members of Staff also undergo a retreat at the beginning of the school year to better prepare themselves for the task of instructing and forming the students of the College.

Kairos Retreat is a very important retreat open to students in their penultimate year at the College. Kairos, meaning “the Lord’s Time” is grounded on the belief that God is active in the lives of each and every one of us through our loved ones, family, friends, neighbours, and for Christians, through the person of Jesus Christ, the beloved Son of God. The four-day retreat functions to help students experience a deep sense of God’s love along with a generous increase of self-appreciation that makes for good and meaningful living.

At LJC, there are three Kairos retreats each year, two at the end of First Term (Christmas Kairos) and one at the end of Second Term (Easter Kairos). This retreat is led by faculty and students who have made a Kairos retreat.

Why should I go on Kairos?
Kairos is your time to be with yourself, God, and peers for three nights and four days.
Kairos is known to help teenage students, Christians and non-Christians alike, immensely in developing and deepening healthy relationships with themselves, with God, with their families especially their parents, siblings and with other people.

Kairos is not a retreat where Catholicism is pushed or conversion is sought. All we ask is that you are open and honest with yourself, others, and the workings of God on the retreat.Read More..

This takes place at the beginning of each academic session to further ground members of staff in the principles and values of Jesuit education for the instruction and formation of our students. The preached retreat is organized by the chaplaincy in collaboration with the Principal and Human Resources Manager. The retreat focuses on such themes as Characteristics of Jesuit Education, Profile of a Jesuit Student, Profile of an Ignatian Educator, Ignatian Leadership, Ignatian Prayer, Ignatian Pedagogy Paradigm, The Principle of Cura Personalis, to mention a few.
Grounded in these principles and values, members of staff of the College are well poised to help the College realize her mission and actualize her vision.

As the name suggests, the graduation retreat is a retreat for members of the pride who are set to exit the College having completed their six years of studies and formation. The retreat is a requirement for graduation and offers students the special opportunity to evaluate themselves in relation to the profile of a graduate of a Jesuit secondary school at graduation: open to growth, intellectually competent, religious, loving, and committed to justice.

Most times in life when we experience transitions, we simply just move on from one thing to another without caring to reflect on our experiences. Graduation Retreat is a chance for graduating students to look back on their time at Loyola and both acknowledge the hard times and celebrate the great moments.

This way, the students can identify aspects of the profile that they fully embody and those in which they are wanting. The three day retreat takes place few days to graduation and is facilitated by faculty of the College assisted by some Alumni.

Why Graduation Retreat?
Graduation Retreat allows students to reflect on their six year journey at the College before graduating to become alumni of the College for the rest of their lives. Thus, it:

i. Helps students with their transitions into the next phase of their life which would consists of academic pursuits both within and beyond the shores of Nigeria.
ii. Ensures that students exit the College well equipped for the world that awaits their arrival.