Loyola Jesuit College is a Catholic school, but it is open to students of other religious faiths and traditions. This is captured in the following words of the honour code of the College, “…I will respect my own physical and spiritual integrity; that of each person in the College and that of the College itself...”
In keeping with these words, the College encourages students that are non-Christian to observe the fundamental religious practice of prayer of their faith within the ambit provided by the College. During Ramadan, for instance, our students of the Islamic faith who choose to fast are provided with the pre-dawn breakfast (sahur). However, given the rigour of studies at the College, students are not permitted to engage in certain religious activities/events especially those that may require them to exit the College except for celebrations of great religious importance, though with the permission of the Principal.
More specifically, Muslim students should note the following:
● Daily Mass is optional for Muslim students, however they are obliged to attend the Special Masses of the College:
(1) The Mass of the Holy Spirit, (2) Independence Day Mass (3) Class Mass
(4) Founding Day Mass, (5) Mass of All Saints, and (6) Mass of Graduation.
● Muslim students are enjoined to observe the five daily prayers, provided they do so at a time that is not in conflict with their school schedule.
● There is no Mosque building on the Loyola Jesuit College Campus.
● Muslim students are welcome to fast during the month of Ramadan. The College will ensure that meals are provided at the appropriate time to facilitate this.
● Islamic Religious Studies is not part of Loyola Jesuit College curriculum.