Palm Sunday

The Palm Sunday is a day set aside by the church for us as Christians to re-enact the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. During the Palm Sunday celebration in Loyola Jesuit College, we the students, as well as other members of the college community process to the chapel with our palms in our hands while singing praises to Christ.
My own experience of Palm Sunday was also interesting as I was one of the Altar Servers. I had the opportunity to participate in the several activities during Mass. This participation got me more involved and made the significance of the day more meaningful to me. I got thinking about Christ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. However, it was ironic to see that the same people who sang praises on His entry, were also the same people to shouted “Crucify Him!” The experience in general gave me a deeper sense of my faith. Kamsiyochukwu, UGWU. Class of 2019