Loyola Jesuit College 17th Commencement Ceremony

LJC 17th Commencement Ceremony 2018

Over the past two decades, this tale is often narrated from generation to generation.  In the life of every Loyola Jesuit College lion and lioness, there are only two moments when they walk through the mouth of the lion (LJC Mascot). At their induction into the college as cubs, they match in pairs through the lion’s mouth. The only other time the community would witness such historic event is at graduation when they make that glorious appearance as lions and lionesses prowling and roaring (Kings and Queens of the Den).

This year on July 15, 2018 after  mother nature had blessed the earth with soft showers, 83 graduands emerged from the Lion’s mouth (LJC Mascot), formed, seasoned and brimming with confidence, as they filed into the auditorium to receive their diplomas at the 17th Commencement Ceremony of Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja.