LJC Curriculum

Loyola Jesuit College runs the Junior Secondary School and Senior Secondary School Programmes as specified in the Nigerian National Policy on Education. It offers a wide variety of academic subjects taught by a dedicated and professional staff. The student begins with a broad spectrum of subjects, which becomes more focused as he or she progresses.

In the Junior Secondary School (Basic 7 to 9), the College emphasises the basic skills in the following subjects:

  1. English Studies
  2. Mathematics
  3. Culture and Creative Arts
    • Music
    • Fine  Art
  4. Hausa Language
  5. French Language
  6. Business studies
  7. Basic Science and Technology
    • Basic Science
    • Basic Technology
    • Physical and Health Education
    • Computer Studies
  8. Religious and National Values
    • Christian Religious Studies
    • Social Studies
    • Civic Education
    • Security Education
  9. Pre-Vocational Studies
    • Home Economics
    • Agricultural Science)

In the first year of the Senior Secondary School (SS1), all students do a maximum of 12 and a minimum of 11 subjects. The following table lists subjects offered and possible option groups in the Senior Secondary School:

Compulsory Cross-Cutting Subjects

  1. English Language
  2. General Mathematics
  3. Civic Education
  4. Trade/Entrepreneurship Subject (Catering Craft Practice OR Data Processing OR

LJC Compulsory Subjects

  1. Biology
  2. Economics
  3. Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) is a compulsory choice for all Christian students

Elective Groups

Only one subject can be selected from a given group.

  1. Literature-in-English or Geography or History
  2. Agricultural Science or Technical Drawing or Foods & Nutrition
  3. Further Mathematics or Visual Art
  4. Physics or Government or Music
  5. Chemistry or History
  6. Computer Studies or Geography
  7. French Language or Hausa Language