Holy Thursday Liturgy with the washing of the feet at Loyola Jesuit College Abuja, Nigeria

Let me wash your feet

This year’s Holy Thursday in Loyola Jesuit College was very special in a number of ways:   all students were present (since school was in session), and for many of us (me certainly) it was a first experience of this important day in the catholic liturgical celebrations. The relaxed schedule for the day aided our preparation for the evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper. At Mass, our principal,Fr. Joe-Stanis Okoye SJ, washed the feet of twelve students, in a symbolic gesture that recounted the story of Jesus washing the feet of His apostles. One of the many cherished memories of that evening was the realization of how important Holy Thursday was in the Catholic Church. It is a day the Church has set aside for the commemoration of the beginning of priesthood. And I, a non-Catholic, was very impressed at the expression of faith at every point of the day.

Alonge Oluwatimilehin