Legion Of Mary

Imitating the Virgin Mother of God and seeking Her Intercession.
Emmanuel, AMOS. Class of 2021
I joined the Legion of Mary Religious group in the second year of junior school, JS 2, following the invitation of Sr. Elizabeth Shaibu, SHCJ, after games one evening. At first, my reaction was, ‘what was it about?’ But as I started attending group meetings and grew closer to God, I was moved to continue attending. As a Legionary, I have felt the impact of God in my life and have grown to be more Christ-like in all my activities not only in the Den but beyond her walls. I really love being a Legionary as the group has nurtured in me the habit of prayer since we pray often as a community seeking the intercession of the ever Blessed Virgin Mary. Again the group has prompted me to do various works of charity to help members of the group and members of the College Community. I previously did not talk to members of the group a lot, but that has changed since I became a Legionary. Now after our meetings on Sundays, we interact with one another as we make our way to the dining Hall for our dinner. This year had not been the best for me as I had started drifting away from God, but the Legion looked out for me, and now I am back on track.