Holy Thursday


Picture the face of an 80-year old woman who for 75 years has been trying to win a lottery when she finally wins it. Now picture my face when Fr. Itua Egbor, S.J., took my right foot in his hands to wash it! Then place the two images side by side. Can you spot the difference? Neither can I! Different experiences usually thread the fabric of our lives, making our days, months and years worthwhile journeys. If I had a box where I kept such experiences, being one of the twelve having their feet washed during the celebration of the Last Supper would definitely make it there for this year. Why? Because hearing that Jesus washed the feet of His disciples and living it are two different things. In living the moment, I caught a glimpse of what happened over two thousand years ago. A new kind of love was introduced. The new love is the kind that goes beyond normal and reaches past all walls of pride just to say, ‘I love you’.
I experienced that love this Maundy Thursday and that is precisely why the broad grin I started by describing, spread across my face so effortlessly. Weng, GYANG. Class of 2018