First Holy Communion

I have always longed to receive Holy Communion. Many a Mass, I saw my mates receive communion. This inspired me to strive on the journey to my First Holy Communion. It wasn’t easy, I sacrificed a lot, but it was worthwhile. Finally!!! The day came and I was happy. I felt satisfied with myself although I still have a year to prepare for confirmation. As I wore my white garments, I felt like an angel. The moment I had been waiting for came and I received my First Holt Communion. As it entered my mouth, I felt the impact of the Holy Spirit acting upon my soul. I felt born again. In conclusion, before I started Catechism, I was not as close to God as expected. I did not regard Mass as important as I should have, and I was not generous. During and after Catechism, I understood the importance of Mass, prayer and generosity. I have also been able to get closer to God and pray more often. – Jidechukwu, OKENWA. Class of 2023.