Easter Sunday

There are many reasons to look forward to the holiday we call Easter. We celebrate the victorious resurrection of Christ as we sing in church. Some sit together and tell stories- some about a certain rabbit. Others prefer a good treasure hunt for colourful, little eggs. Later on, all sit to a nice banquet and make merry. Yes. Easter is really great.
But when it comes to understanding the true meaning of Easter, things are a bit more complex. Let’s rewind a little.
Holy Thursday: Jesus eats his last meal with his disciples, his friends, and his family (as he formerly stated).
Good Friday: Jesus walks the long, painful road to Golgotha where he is crucified and dies, accompanied to the skull by his mother, and his women disciples; it’s a sorrowful day for Jesus’ family.
Holy Saturday: Jesus lies in his tomb (or rather fighting in hell) where he has been placed by Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, less mentioned members of the family but essential nonetheless. Meanwhile, his sisters, the women disciples deem it fit to gather materials for Jesus’ embalmment.
Easter Sunday: The tomb is empty! Where has Jesus gone? They said. He is risen and alive; you will not find him here, the white-robed men replied. Then, over two thousand years later, we still re-enact the same thing over and over again.
What do you see in all this?
What I see is something that continues to repeat itself; the love, the friendship, the family. It’s the family we sing with at Mass every Easter. It’s the family we eat our banquet with. It’s the family we play and celebrate with.
On April 21st, 2019, I witnessed such a family, during Visiting Day, filled with different people of different walks of life singing, playing, eating and rejoicing together. It was amazing. It was spectacular. It was… Easter.
So every year, when Easter Sunday comes knocking, as we make our preparations no matter how grand or humble, long or short, I’d like us to all remember the family transcends time and race.
The family of love.
Of God.
Of Easter.
Vanessa, DIKE. Class of 2019