Dancers In The Liturgy

Being a dancer in the Liturgy. Nkputo, OSUNG-ETISONG. Class of 2023
When People think of praise in the Catholic Church, what comes to their minds is either singing or serving at the Mass. Meanwhile, dancing is also a crucial aspect. Some see dancing in the church as a form of entertainment; however, it is much more than that.
Being a dancer in the liturgy comes with a lot of commitment and responsibility. Sometimes, we are given a forty-eight-hour notice to practice and prepare for a dance. During practice, we make progress, but we hardly finish immediately. We even take our practice to the dormitories just so that we can complete it! By the grace of God, we often finish learning and perfecting our dance steps before lights-out, then we pray to remember them the next day, which we usually do. In the end, we dance for a sole purpose, namely, to praise God. And as demanding the preparatory process might be, I am more than happy to use my talent to serve the Lord.