Christ the King Celebration

Oh Sacrament, most holy
Oh Sacrament divine
All praise and all thanksgiving
Be every moment thine.”

Besides the drumming, singing and Ms. Edward’s Kazoo, there are words that every Christ the King celebrations in LJC hears. Hard to think of the fact that it took me three years and four Christ the King celebrations to really analyse these statements. To be more specific, it was the 25th of November, 2019, the day that Loyola Jesuit Community celebrated Christ as her King, and the King of the Universe.
The first statement which says, “Oh Sacrament, most Holy” affirms Christ as the most holy being to have walked the earth. This proclaims Him as not just a sacred being during His time on earth but as THE sacred being. The second statement, “Oh Sacrament divine”, refers to the Blessed Sacrament as God’s gift to humankind. “All praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment thine.” I feel that this just invites every being to acknowledge that Christ is the Lord and to act as such.
During the celebration, I was graced with the opportunity to serve as one of those who transported the altar that the priest used. Although this meant I missed the main part of the event, I have no doubt that that my time was well spent. It was at the last stop on the soccer field that I got the opportunity to hear clearly and observe the proceedings. One part that stood out for me was when he chief celebrant of the day proclaimed Christ as the King of our College. He then invited us to always involve Jesus in all we do.
In summary, Christ the King celebrations is a Christian’s way of publicly proclaiming that Christ truly is King, the ultimate and sovereign. He is our only hope in making it to heaven and we are encouraged to keep Him in our hearts, as I have chosen to.
Nnamdi, DIKE. Class of 2021