“Sing Praises … Unto the Lord.” Mmachukwu, CHIMA. Class of 2021
Being the choir mistress of the College’s Choir has not only been exhilarating, it has also been exciting. The Choir is like a family that sings together, prays together, and stays together. We put in our very best to animate the daily Mass as well as to conduct activities like annual Christian Concert, Christmas Carols, amongst others.
On a personal note, being a member of the Choir brings me joy, as the time we spend together as a liturgical group is always uplifting and fulfilling. Although we are far from perfect, we are continually strengthened by our trust in God and our unwavering support for one another. We look after and prayer for one another. Like every other group, we have our challenges, but they never stop us from trying because, with God, all things are possible.