Bible Sharing

“Come share with us.” Oriekaose, AGHOLOR. Class of 2021
The Bible Sharing religious group is a group wherein students share their weekly experiences, issues, and seek help from God through Bible verses, reflections and prayers. This is aimed at getting us through our various problems and teaches us valuable life lessons. It is a safe space to let out one’s emotions in a calm atmosphere, while members admonish and encourage one another. We also participate in Bible games/quiz. We assemble in the Chapel of the Good Samaritan every Sunday at 5:30 p.m. and hold our meeting until 6:20 p.m. Our motto is: “Come share with us.” The motto encapsulates all we stand for: sharing our problems, successes, and the Word of God with one another, and other members of the College Community.
This religious group, which has been a bedrock for me since my junior school days has helped me with my issues and dilemmas. Now I am in the position to help others with their challenges and spread the Word of God with the whole school.