Altar Servers

Not Just on the Altar – Ginikachi ANIEROBI. Class of 2021
When I got admitted to LJC as a JS 1 student, I wanted to be involved in church activities, and I felt that the Altar Servers Association was the best option for me. I first applied to be an Altar server in JS1; however, I was unsuccessful with my application. I reapplied in JS 2. I had an interview and felt I wasn’t successful but I got in! I started my training, and although I had to make sacrifices, such as missing my free time and my morning study hall on Saturdays, I knew that I would have to work hard to get into the association, after all, nothing good in life comes the easy way. I learnt a variety of things from different people, and enjoyed the classes I had. During one unforgettable training session, Mr. Chinonso Ugochukwu, S.J. came with a document that was as thick as a Biology printed note. The material contained a glossary of liturgical words we were to know as Altar Servers. It was tough but I was able to learn much from the session. I still remember a lot of things from that training until now. I finally got inaugurated in SS 1, and whenever I look back, I have this sense of gratitude to God, my friends, and all those who helped me through my journey of becoming an Altar Server. I am currently one of the trainers, and my job is to teach candidates aspiring to be members of the Association. I don’t want to give them a bundle of things to memorize, while they put in hours in a bid to join the Association, I want to be an exemplary mentor who will guide them with the love of Christ in me and help them not only to become Altar Servers but also to have a closer relationship with God wherever they might be in life. I am proud to be an Altar Server, and I hope to serve God not only on the Altar, but in all I do.