Altar Decorators’ Association

At first, when people hear the name of our association, they presume that all we do is decorate the altar. They are not far off, but that is not all our association does. Basically, we are a liturgical association devoted to the decoration of the altar and credence table in the Chapel of the Good Samaritan and the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament according to the corresponding liturgical colour. There are other aspects to what we do.
Decorating the altar has both a physical and spiritual aspect. Physically, it is done to make the altar more beautiful. Spiritually, it is done with the connection that the altar represents Christ. We try our best to focus on the spiritual aspect as we decorate the altar.
We are a close-knit association who have weekly meetings during which we discuss the lives of different saints and how they relate to the day to day activities. Our staff member is Sr. Maureen, Odineze, SHCJ. She guides us, showing us where we are wrong and what to do.
Angelica, IZUWAH. Class of 2019