Academic Probation

Academic probation is a programme geared towards getting our weak students to work at an acceptable pace, through a close supervision of their studies, monitoring of their study habits and teaching them study skills. A student is placed on academic probation when he or she scores below our least acceptable grade of 65% in any of our continuous assessment tests or exams. Academic probation is also recommended for students that have been absent from regular class instructions for any reason. The student on academic probation does not take part in the following extra-curricular activities: clubs, choir, altar servers, athletic teams, weekend videos, and visiting with a friend’s family on visiting days. The student on academic probation will spend those extra-curricular activities period in study hall under close supervision that ensures progress in those subjects and areas where the student has difficulties or performs poorly. The head of the counselling department and class teachers closely supervise students on academic probation and every two weeks these officers give the Principal a brief report on the academic progress of the students. Subject teachers may also be asked to write a report on a student on academic probation. A student on academic probation will remain in this status until the next academic assessment after the grades for that assessment are published. The student will go out of academic probation when there is an adequate improvement in grades, serious improvement in studies is displayed, and an increase in earnest academic purpose is noted. Loyola Jesuit College does not want students to be on academic probation, and therefore calls on other students to assist those on academic probation to come off probation as soon as possible. Academic improvement is our goal for all students, and we hope that this negative motivation will help those on probation.