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Sports at LJC

Inter House Sports PicsSports enhance the sum total of one's development physically, mentally, socially, morally and emotionally. Loyola Jesuit College strives to explore and boost these five areas of human development.

To this end, an enabling, student friendly sports environment has been created. Various sports activities that cater for the extra curricular lives of students have been introduced.

Sports activities here at Loyola Jesuit College include (but not limited to) Soccer, Basket ball, Hand ball, Volley ball, Field hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Table tennis and Athletics.

In the area of Soccer, the college has introduced the LOYOLA CUP competition which maiden edition began in 1998 with the Loyola Lions and Lionesses (male and female teams) roaring away with both trophies. Subsequent editions have seen the Lionesses persistently invincible.

In Basket ball The Lions have fared very well defeating the likes of Adesoye College, Offa, El Amin International School, Minna, and Lekki British International School (BIS). The Lionesses have also had their fair share of victories against Bethany Christian academy, BIS and numerous others.

Inter House Sports PicsThe athletics season is from January to April which witnesses the Loyola Jesuit College inter house fiesta which is a very grand occasion. This year's will come in March. The Loyola Jesuit College 4 x 400m relay quartet represented the Northern zone in the maiden edition of the Maltina Secondary schools Relay competition in the finals at Lagos. This event was organized by the AFN. An outstanding runner of the team was chosen by the AFN to represent Nigeria at the ISSF in Turkey.

Loyola Jesuit College was fully represented in the maiden edition of the National Junior Chess competition hosted in Lagos, of course Loyola Jesuit College lifted the trophy.

Female and male participation in sports here is very keen and competitive.


Equipment have been procured for the game of cricket. A tennis court and a swimming pool will be constructed in due course. The principal has recently introduced a new, very interesting one - on - one game "KNOCK HOCKEY," for students who may not enjoy or take part in team and other competitive sports. The soccer pitch and athletics track are both Olympic standard.

Inter House Sports PicsRECENT HAPPENINGS

Loyola Jesuit College hosted Lekki British International School. Two matches were played, Male soccer and Female basket ball. BIS lost both matches. The Lions and Lionesses took a trip to Barkin Ladi in Plateau state where they played against Bethany Christian Academy. The Lionesses trounced the BCA girls. The Lions however lost GALLANTLY to the BCA boys. Our Male ( senior ) Handball team defeated the highly rated Olashore college team. Same for senior and junior soccer.

Students generally enjoy sporting life in Loyola Jesuit College. The Health and Recreation club through activities like Darts, Monopoly, Scrabble, Checkers, Ayo, Ludo, Whot, provides fun, entertainment, extra curricular leisure and recreation to our students after serious subjection to academic pressure.

After all, All Work and No Play . . .
It is worth while.

For inquiries regarding sports activities at LJC contact our Sports Director.


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