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We are stage-setters for our students’ life performance

Service is what prayer looks like when it gets up off its knees and walks around in the world.

- Michael J. Graham, S.J.

In every outstanding drama, there are several people – akin to the proverbial “village” – who play various often behind-the-scene roles that help the actors on stage give the wonderful performance that the audience enjoys. It is the not-so-obvious intricacies of that collaboration between the actors and their facilitators or resource persons -that is, the dedication of many people whose efforts are not immediately apparent -that make the drama succeed! Education, like drama, involves several stage-setters. Like in drama, we are sometimes unaware of the various people that (ought to) collaborate to make the education of an individual successful. Education involves providing the “costumes”, laying the track, setting the “goal posts” as it were, marking the course, acting as props, and creating the environment that generally enables the type of interactions or experiences that bring about the sort of transformations that we, parents, teachers, students, and the society in general, envisage. Education is therefore not something that is done in or by the school alone. It is not something that teachers and school authorities alone do. There is a lot more other important actors, assistants, and collaborators in the education of every student. Apart from the teachers, the immediate facilitators of every student’s education are his or her parents and siblings – his or her family.

Fr. Joseph Stanislaus Okoye, S.J.

Another crucial set of close facilitators of a student’s education is his or her peers, fellow students –particularly classmates and course mates. At Loyola Jesuit College, we affirm the crucial roles that these various stage-setters play in the formation of our students and we make effort to know, appraise, and appreciate them as partners in our enterprise of helping our students mature into remarkable persons of conscience, competence, and compassionate commitment – caring men and women who lead a life of service to God and Others. We already regard you as part of our community -this community of stage-setters and life performers. Welcome to Loyola Jesuit College!

Fr. Joseph Stanislaus Okoye, S.J

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