Service of God and Others;St Ignatius
Loyola Jesuit College is a Catholic and Jesuit coeducational boarding school serving the needs of the Catholic community of Nigeria and open to members of all other religious traditions in the country. The College recognises that all people may share the values and goals of Jesuit education and welcomes them into its community.

Ignatian World-View; Our vision is rooted in the world-view of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits (the Society of Jesus), a Catholic religious order of Fathers and Brothers. Catholic education is integral, quality human education valid for all who appreciate its intrinsic value of concern for firm moral foundations, academic excellence and sincere respect for all that is good and true in others, and through its mission schools, has had a long and illustrious history in Nigeria.

Forming Men and Women For OthersCommunity of Shared Vision; The Loyola Jesuit College staff is a community of shared vision, trained and working together with this common purpose. Open to students and staff of all religions, all economic levels and all tribal and regional origins, the College encourages the model of a unified family, and strives to develop individual talents and gifts within that family, with deep respect for the traditional values of Nigeria. One of the specific contributions of Jesuit educators is that they are oriented to certain values. Jesuits and their colleagues at Loyola Jesuit College pledge themselves to the faith development of their students. Development of religious principles and moral values is central to the curriculum, not just in religion courses, retreats and religious services. Our religious education is not for the sake of proselytising non-Catholic students but to help develop in all of our students lasting moral principles. Each student will be urged to live his/her faith more fully, and all will be encouraged to understand Catholicism as exemplified in the actions of a vibrant faith community, though no student will be obligated to attend any religious service. Men and Women for Others Celebrating AchievementsThe ultimate aim of Jesuit secondary education is that full growth of the person which leads to action: action that is suffused with the spirit and presence of Jesus Christ, the Man for others. One definition of the goal of Catholic and Jesuit education today is the “formation of men and women for others, people of competence, conscience and compassionate commitment.” Students at Loyola Jesuit College are invited to respond to this call to be men and women for others.

Personal Care;
Personal care and concern is the hallmark of Jesuit education. For such a relationship of authenticity and truth to flourish between teacher and student, mutual trust and respect that grows out of a continuing experience of the other as a genuine companion in learning is required. It means, too, being keenly conscious of and sensitive to the institutional environment of the school, being alert as teachers and administrators to the complex and often subtle network of norms, expectations, behaviours and relationships that create an atmosphere for learning. Praise, reverence and service should mark the relationship that exists not only between teachers and students but also among all members of the school community. Ideally, Loyola Jesuit College should be a place where people are believed in, Holy Communionhonoured and cared for; where the natural talents and creative abilities of persons are recognised and celebrated; where individual contributions and accomplishments are appreciated; where everyone is treated fairly and justly; where sacrifice on behalf of the economically poor, the socially deprived, and the educationally disadvantaged are commonplace; where each person finds the challenge, encouragement and support he/she needs to reach the fullest individual potential for excellence; where members of the community help one another and work together with enthusiasm and generosity, attempting to represent concretely in word and action the ideal of the school: SERVICE OF GOD AND OTHERS.