Chemistry LaboratoryTwo Classroom blocks with 24 rooms and 8 staff rooms. Each classroom has a work space for 30 students.

Science and Vocation Centre with five well-equipped laboratories, an Art Studio and a Technology.

Workshop (each laboratory is equipped with a 22 inch TV set and a VCR). Information Resource Centre housing the Computer Centre, Library, Digital Video Editing Unit, Music Room, and Drawing Studio. A comfortable Library with over 2,000 volumes. A functional administration building equipped with modern office equipment. College ChapelA Computer Centre equipped with 45-multimedia, networked IBM-compatible personal computers (Two of these are specially enhanced with appropriate accessibility hardware/software for the visually impaired.) Lecture Hall equipped with modern audio-visual facilities. A Multi-purpose hall/Chapel seating 1000 people. A spacious dining hall and kitchen with modern catering facilities. A well equipped Clinic with a 20-bed capacity. Three dormitory blocks for boys and 1 large girls’ dormitory with spacious rooms, including common rooms, box rooms and live-in quarters for teachers. Each hostel has adjoining utility blocks including toilets, laundry facilities and hot showers. LJC and ACO Basketball MatchTable tennis facilities. A Standard football/athletic field and a practice pitch. Four basketball Courts, 1 handball field, 1 volleyball pitch. Sixteen comfortably-furnished staff bungalows. A Jesuit residence and a Sisters’ convent. A well equipped auto mechanic workshop.