Loyola Jesuit College runs the Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Programmes as specified in the Nigerian National Policy on Education. It offers a wide variety of academic subjects taught by a dedicated and professional staff. The student begins with a broad spectrum of subjects, which becomes more focused as he or she progresses.

In the Junior Secondary School (Years 1 to 3), the College emphasises the basic skills in the following subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Introductory Technology, Physics Technology, Social Studies, Agricultural Science, Hausa, French, Christian Religious Studies*, Fine Art, Physical and Health Education, Home Economics, Data Processing, Computer Studies and Handwriting Skills

In the first year of the Senior Secondary School, all students do at least eleven subjects in addition to Information Technology until the third term in the second year. Those who do Further Mathematics do twelve subjects. The following table lists subjects offered and possible option groups in the Senior Secondary School:

Compulsory Subjects
Compulsory Cross-cutting Core:
1.English Language
2.General Mathematics
3.Computer Studies
4.Civic Education

(Circle one Trade/Entrepreneurship Subject below which you would like to do)
5.Catering Craft Practice OR Data Processing OR Fisheries

LJC Compulsory:
6. Biology
7. Economics
8. Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK)
Elective Groups:
Write down the subjects chosen from the following Elective Groups. Only one subject would be selected from a given group.
9. Literature-in-English or Geography or History
10. Agricultural Science or Technical Drawing or Foods & Nutrition
11. Further Mathematics or Visual Art or French
12. Physics or Government or Music
13. Chemistry or History or Hausa
NOTE: Every Christian student must register the eight (8) Compulsory subjects, while Muslim students may skip the 8th Compulsory Subject (CRK). Only one subject may be selected from a given Elective Group (9 to 13) above.