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Students are admitted to Loyola Jesuit College only after successfully writing our competitive entrance examination. This examination is administered worldwide simultaneously at least 6 months before the beginning of the academic year. Places are offered strictly on merit. Prospective candidates into Junior Secondary year 1 (JS 1) are required to complete an online application form before they are qualified to take the examination.


General Information
All students are admitted into JS 1 only. The College does not under any circumstances accept students wishing to transfer from another school into a higher class. All students are expected to board at the College.

Parents are advised to make sure that all students who hope to enter into LJC know how to wash their own clothes, sweep and dust their own room, and keep the elementary rules of personal hygiene. Students should normally have stopped bed-wetting, but in exceptional cases where this is still an issue, they should be able to wash their own bed sheets and blankets.

For more information regarding our entrance requirements and examination, please read the Frequently Asked Questions about the College.


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